Relax even more thanks to gast-vrij extras

From taxi service to dog sitter: gast-vrij offers all kinds of great extra services!

Enjoy an even more relaxing stay, thanks to great gast-vrij extras

Pampering guests and hospitality ... It’s what I live for! To help you feel even more at home while on holiday, I offer a number of gast-vrij extras. Book these optional services to really upgrade your holiday.

How about a breakfast service, a high tea or a cook at home in my holdiay houses? So you can simply enjoy a nice culinary treat 'at home' in my cosy holiday houses.

Discover the available options below. Use the link to book gast-vrij extras directly with my local partners. 

Have a wonderful time!

Your host Geert

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Taxi Ambiorix Tongeren


Transport to and from the station or airport? Or maybe a safe ride to and from a nearby town for a night out? gast-vrij offers you a reliable taxi service.


Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Also for larger groups. Book in advance.

Very friendly and cooperative team. Good transportservice in the area of Tongeren-Hasselt



Just because you are on holiday as a family doesn’t mean you and your partner or friends can’t enjoy the occasional adult-only night out. Simply leave your children in the care of our incredibly nice and dynamic partner babysitter, so you can all have fun.

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

entertainment for your kids

Carrefour Riemst

Breakfast service

Nothing beats enjoying an extensive breakfast on holiday. Except maybe not having to prepare your own breakfast? Discover the breakfast service at gast-vrij. Wake up to the delicious smell of coffee and croissants. 

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Order your breakfast on time at Carrefour. You can choose between 'gast-vrij breakfast' and 'luxury breakfast'. You can pick up the breakfast from 8 am.

I cook for you

Chef-at-home service

The holiday homes of gast-vrij are so comfortable that you won’t want to leave them. ;-) But maybe you don’t feel like cooking every night? Or maybe you are celebrating a special occasion during your stay and want to serve something a little more festive ... Just book our chef-at-home service and sit back and enjoy!

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Enjoy a good meal in your home away from home

High Tea at Home

High Tea at home

While the hygge concept is originally from Denmark, I’ve got a feeling they know a thing or two about this in Britain too. Because there is nothing nicer (and tastier) than a high tea with your (extended) family or friends! This really is a mouth-watering extra.

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Ria brings delicious English dishes and surprising teas at your table. She prepares everything and she cleans the table at the end. You only have to enjoy! 

De Oude Winning

Bike hire

Limburg is known for its vast cycle route network with stunning viewpoints and varied landscapes. Do hire your bikes via gast-vrij and hop onto your bike as soon as you have unpacked.

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Filip and Anneleen of de oude Winning like to match you with a good bike. If necessary, they bring the bikes to your holiday home. 

Macha's Buddies

Dog sitter

Pets are not allowed at the holiday homes of gast-vrij, because some of our guest are allergic to dogs. Can’t bear parting with your dog and want to be able to go for great walks together during the day? No problem, have our experienced partner dog sitter Katrijn look after your four-legged friends at night. 

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

Katrijn really cares for her dog guests!

Plan your stay on time so that she can give your dog the best care.

Hygge Hotspot Tour

Hygge hotspots In Maastricht

·       Maastricht is one of the most charming cities you can visit from Riemst. This city has quite a few special hygge hotspots. I’m happy to help you discover some cosy places. From shopping to gastronomy, my hygge route is pure enjoyment!

Great extra gast-vrij comforts!

I show you only the cosy spots in Maastricht and I treat you to an ice cream and a drink. 

I also have a small hygge surprise for you. 

warme groeten

your host Geert 

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